I'm Buying A Candle

I'm buying a candle. Right now. At this very moment.

I have a large wool rug that I got at Pottery Barn, and Elvis, being the perfect cat he is, peed on it recently. And then he peed on it again.

The thing cost like $800 so I wasn't going to just throw it away. (Despite Mark's insistence to "just throw it away!" He's so wasteful.) After attempting to clean it by myself (didn't work), I decided to splurge and get it professionally cleaned.

So now I have the rug back and while it doesn't smell like cat pee anymore, it smells like something else. I can't exactly describe it... but maybe it's wet wool? I don't know... all I know is that unless I open a window, my apartment smells like a herd of sheep.

So now I'm buying a candle. I'm very excited.

(Oh, and because I know someone will ask, no, he didn't pee on my comforter. That just needs to be cleaned. The only thing he peed on is the rug.)

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