Out Of Body Experiences

Okay, this post might sound a little weird to you, but I've been having out-of-body experiences (OBE) a couple of times a week or so since I was about ten years old.

They usually happen when I'm over-tired, like right now, as a matter of fact. It's 3:49 AM and I haven't gone to bed yet even though I'm tired. Once I hit the mattress—like within five or ten minutes of lying down—I'll "fall asleep" quickly and then it will begin to happen. I put "fall asleep" in quotes because I won't actually fall asleep—my body will begin to feel paralyzed, like I can't move it, and then a spiritual body will sort of rise above my sleeping body. Like, there will be a floating body hovering above my real body.

Now, using the hand of my floating body, I can not only touch my sleeping body, but I can actually penetrate it. Like, as I try to touch my body, I can feel the energy of it and my hand just goes through it. So, this would mean that my floating body is a spirit of some kind, right? The same thing happens if I decide to float higher, which is something I can do, too. I can go through the ceiling and even the roof if I want. It hurts, though, as their energy walls seem to be denser than my body.

Yeah, I know. All of this is weird, but it's totally true. My mother and sister can verify it. When I was a little kid, I would usually "wake up" crying when it would happen, as it was really freaky to me. (Again, I put "wake up" in quotes because I'm not actually sleeping when it happens, but paralyzed.)

Nowadays, I've pretty much gotten used to it... except, of course, when my floating self meets and touches another floating person, which has been happening lately. The other night another floating person held my hand and it totally freaked me out.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm going to do more research on the subject. I know it happens to people because I read a book on it when I was a kid and there are more available now on Amazon. Also, there's a Wikipedia page on the subject describing exactly what happens to me.

If this happens to anyone who reads my blog, let me know, maybe we can swap stories

BTW, the Wikipedia page is classified under "paranormal," which I find worrisome. (Actually, no—this might mean I have powers! Don't mess with me!)

Okay, off to bed now! Off to float!