At Last...

At last...

My old piece-of-sh*t-sofa is finally outside on the sidewalk where it belongs. I hate it more now than I did before and I hope someone pees on it tonight.

So, here's what happened. Kate got home from work and came up to my apartment, and then Sarah, her and I tried to "pivot, pivot" for a good five or ten minutes (that was for all the commenters of this post.) How I ever got it wedged in that space so tightly, I will never know, but the thing wouldn't move.

I was just about to call a professional to come over and saw the thing in half (or better yet, go out and buy a chainsaw of my own and do it myself) when we tried again, and, by God, we did it.

Now, I can't really explain how it happened, but *i think* Kate pulled down the top and I wiggled the middle and then Sarah got on the floor and pushed the bottom up with her feet... or maybe it was her hands... I'm not sure. All I know is that the sofa shifted and came loose and then Sarah flew across the room.

Poor thing. Sure hope she's okay.

She really was the hero, Sarah. It was her feet (or maybe her hands) that were the most effective in prying the sucker loose.

Kate, Sarah... LOTS of margaritas on me soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As for door frame...


And now.... a picture of the new sofa:

I still need to lay down the rug, paint (maybe a plumy brown?) and hang pictures... but I think it's looking good!