FreshDirect Rocks

I love FreshDirect. (For those people reading who are not from New York, FreshDirect is an online grocer that delivers food to residences in the NYC area.) I used to order from them all the time but haven't in a while, but that's all going to change!

You see, because I'm sick and can't go to the store, I ordered a bunch of food from them (healthy stuff—fresh veggies, fruit, and, of course, some DayQuil) that's going to be delivered tomorrow. The only delivery slot that was available was from 3 to 5pm, so I took it but then sent them a message asking if there was any way they could deliver it earlier because I have a fever and the flu. (The fever came back, btw, when the Motrin wore off.) It was worth a shot, right? Well, low and behold I just got an email from a nice guy named Michael saying that my order is now going to arrive between 9 and 11am. How nice is that?

If you are from the New York area, I encourage you to give FreshDirect a try if you haven't. The food is fresh and delicious and the customer service is wonderful!

Thank you, FreshDirect!

BTW, I have a suggestion to FreshDirect... you should have a "sick basket" already put together for people like me. You know, like one-click shopping. It can have chicken noodle soup in it, lots of vitamin C fruits, crackers, medicine, etc. Good idea, right?