My Great Great Aunt Minnie

I found this picture in an old photo album of my grandpa's.

One day Nora and Jack are going to have a photo of me like this in their photo album. "Aunt Karyn Bosnak. Never married."

Shoot, I love this woman. She could be my idol. I mean, I love that the only thing my grandpa wrote about her is "never married." Like that sums up her life. Not, "Aunt Minnie... loved to knit." Or, "Aunt Minnie... loved children." I mean, here it is almost a hundred years later, and the only thing anyone knows about poor ole Aunt Minnie is that she was never married. Sorry, Great Great Aunt Minnie. I'm sure you had many other redeeming qualities.

UPDATE: I'm going to ask my grandpa about her tomorrow morning and I hope to learn more things about her.