Intervention: Laney

I previously wrote about recording A&E's Intervention with my new DVR and a couple of people commented telling me to watch the episode with Laney.

From gfygrl...

you totally need to find the episode where the woman was an alcoholic and she took a whole bottle of pills - chased it with Malibu - told the producers she wanted to end it all and they had to call an ambulance. when the ambulance came - they couldn't do anything because she was refusing treatment - once she passed out they could though. and when she woke up in the hospital she said she didn't do any of the things they said and that her mother (who wasn't even there) spiked her drink to put her in the hospital.

she had a gazillion dollars or something from her divorce settlement (which she was still mega messed up about) and she was drinking it all away. the show opened with her coming back from a trip across the country and she hired a limo to drive her to and from because she hated to fly and she had to have her cat and its litter box with her in the limo. she actually took a limo (and the cat) to rehab. but because she couldn't keep her cat in the rehab - she didn't stick to the program.

CRAZY episode. you totally need to see it...

FYI... Laney's episode is re-running Saturday at 2pm EST. I can't wait.

PS - I don't mean to make fun of addiction; I know it's a serious matter that ruins lives and breaks up families. But a woman who rides around in a limo with her cat while drinking Malibu rum is must-see TV.