Grammy Notes

Prince is so cool.

Miley Cyrus looks 40.

Loved Rihanna's haircut, blue dress and florescent nail polish on the red carpet.

Morris Day and the Time and Rihanna with a lil bit of Michael Jackson? Oh ee oh ee oh... Ella ella ella... Ay ay ay... Mama say mama sah mama goot-za. Didn't work but I loved the attempt.

OMG... Cirque du Soleil/Beatles thing = AH-MA-ZING. Such talent... I'm crying.

Okay, now Kanye's performing "Stronger." All I keep thinking about is his mother and it makes me want to cry again. I'm so proud of him for keeping it together. This is an AWESOME show so far.

Okay, now he started singing about his mother. I'm crying again. I want to marry him. Or at least sleep with him.

John Legend is playing the piano right now for Fergie. I wish he were singing. One of my favorite songs ever is "Refuge (When It's Cold Outside)" from the album "Get Lifted."

Cher can't move her forehead.

Beyonce is one hot bitch. OMG, I LOVE ME SOME TINA TURNER! She looks constipated, though. Has she been shopping at American Apparel? She shouldn't be wearing silver lame—she looks like a bumper—but the fact that she is, kinda makes me love her more.

I think dirty boys like Dave Grohl are sexy.

I can't believe the director cued the music to play over Kanye when he won. Especially when he talked about his mother. Loser. BTW, how much do you love his jacket that lights up?

I mean no disrespect, but Aretha Franklin needs to lose a little weight.

Kid Rock = Snooze.

So Rihanna just won and my sister just called. She was laughing hysterically, saying that her husband (my brother-in-law) looked up at the TV and asked, "Is that Lisa Bonet?" He was totally serious, really thought it was her.

Why did Cuba Gooding Jr. introduce Amy Winehouse? What does he have to do with music? Who thought this would be a good idea?

So Amy Winehouse... a week ago she was smoking crack, now she's shimmying on stage. She looks uncomfortable, awkward, but she gets an A+++++++ for effort.

Okay, now she gets a C for thanking her incarcerated husband.

R.I.P. Dan Folgelberg. "Longer than there's been stars up in the heaven..."

OMG!!!!! Andrea Bocelli. I love him. If he sings, I'm going to cry again. Oh, here he goes, he's singing, I'm going to cry. He reminds me of Elvis, my cat. I can't explain it, but they carry themselves the same way.

Herbie Hancock? Seriously? I LOVE Joni Mitchell, but I'm a little surprised by this.

Okay, he's so sweet up there. It's been 43 years since a jazz musician has won. I'm happy for him.