Open Letter To Vimeo

Dear Vimeo,

Every single time I upload a video to your site, I get a message telling me that you are experiencing an unusually high number of uploads at the moment and that my video is waiting in line to be converted. Every. Single. Time. There are no exceptions to this.

How about you start to expect an unusually high number of uploads all the time? That way, "unusually high" can become the norm and you can save this message and use it only when you actually have an unusually high number of uploads.

I like Vimeo because it's a small community and I don't want to put videos of my precious niece and nephew on YouTube. However, constant glitches like this make it irritating to use. I don't mean to be rude, but a two-minute video should not take 45 minutes to convert.

Thank you,

UPDATE: Going on an hour.

UPDATE 2: Going on two hours.

UPDATE 3: Three hours.

UPDATE 4: Fours hours later, it's finally converted!