Anna Faris Q&A On The NY Post Blog

There's a Q&A with Anna Faris on the NY Post's Blog "PopWrap" today.

She talks about "20 Times a Lady" at the bottom:

Anna: I was reading the first page of the script for my new movie and I kept thinking, "I don't know how to act!" [laughs]

PW: You're talking about "20 Times A Lady," right?

Anna: Yea, it's such a funny movie, about a single woman who's life is a bit of a mess - she's slept with a bunch of people, her younger sister's getting married, she loses her job and can't get it together. Then she realizes that in every relationship she's been untrue to herself and conformed for the guy, so she doesn't even know what she wants.

PW: I know that the title refers to the number of sexual partners someone has - what's your opinion on that, does the number matter?

Anna: I don't think it should matter. I guess to some people not being in a committed relationship can be unhealthy, but for other people it's normal. I have three friends who can't stay in a relationship for longer than one week and they're fine. I mean, they're crazy but we're all crazy! So I think to each their own and I grew up in a pretty conservative family so they'd be appalled to hear me say that.

Yay! BTW, The House Bunny is now available on DVD. What a great Christmas gift it would make!