Nora Loves "Full Sexy Dance"

Yesterday my sister called and said she can't stop watching "Full Sexy Dance." She said she thinks it's hilarious and keeps putting it on and laughing hysterically.

So anywho, during the umpteenth time of watching it, Nora apparently walked up to her and asked her what was so funny. While my sister searched for something to say, she glanced down at the computer, saw Jill Blumberg getting her "full sexy dance" on, and goes, "Mommy, what's she doing?"

My sister didn't want to say "dancing," because heaven forbid Nora start humping the floor the next time a good song comes on. So she just said, "I'm not sure," and hoped to leave it at that. As she started to close the laptop, Nora stopped her and goes, "Mommy, she's so cute! Just look at her!"

So anyway, cut to today. Nora walked up to my sister this morning asked her if they could watch "the lady dancing... the one with the pretty high heels." She said she liked the way she dances, did a little demo for my sister, and then spanked herself.

My sister said she couldn't find the video.