This is so funny... PETelenovela... The soap opera FOR dogs, STARRING dogs. It's entertainment for your best friend!

From their website...

Our first episode follows Lonnie as he leaves his small-town Texas home for the Big Apple. Oh, the adventures he has! His cousin Chuck-Now-Che shows him the activist in himself, while Fontina Fontaine introduces him to the dark, but scratchable underbelly of her doggy empire.

PETelenovela--The Tutorial Trailer

Beverly can't stop watching! (And neither can I... it's hilarious.)

PETelenovela - Oh, the Drama! Trailer

PETelenovela - Fun Adventure Trailer

PETelenovela - Action Trailer

Buy the DVD! For every one sold, a donation will be made to a dog shelter or animal charity.

PS - It says their located in New York, which means I need to get Beverly cast in an episode. We've just updated her headshot: