Bye Bye Triborough

The Triborough Bridge is being renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. The signs are in the process of being changed right now. Unlike street re-namings, all references to the name "Triborough" will disappear completely.

This name change is the real deal," said MTA chief Elliot Sander.

The "RFK" moniker isn't going to be like Avenue of the Americas - Sixth Ave. to New Yorkers - or the Joe DiMaggio Highway, still better known as the West Side Highway, Sander said

"In many instances, a street has a name change but it keeps the old street name," said Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the slain New York senator and former attorney general. "This will no longer have Triborough attached to it. It will just be the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. That will make a big difference."

The Triborough Bridge connects the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. (If you aren't from New York, it's the bridge that you frequently take to and from LaGuardia.)

PS - The pic above from taken from the NY Times City Room Blog. It shows construction of the bridge in 1935. Isn't it neat?