Kim From The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I cannot handle how dumb this woman is.

Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I don't even know where to begin.

First, she thinks the word "cat" is spelled k-a-t.

Second, she wants to be a singer but knows nothing about it. While visiting a top-rated vocal coach who's worked with the likes of Usher, Rob Thomas, etc., she's told that she doesn't know what she's doing.

"When you were singing for me and when I was playing the piano, you had a hard time matching the note immediately," the vocal-coach said.

"Where does that come into play when you're singing in a studio?" Kim replied, rudely.

Based on this performance, Kim, I think we know where it comes into play:

Third, she smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, which is just gross.

Fourth, in a recent episode she was sitting in her car—behind the wheel—with a glass of wine in her hand. Did anyone else notice this? Fool. I hope she gets arrested.

And finally, this has nothing to do with her lack of brains but her hair is just terrible.

Just terrible.

Just terrible.

I cannot say it enough.

It's just terrible.

PS - I wrote this list while watching the last episode, episode 5. The four before that could have a list all their own, too.