FaceBook Message

This is hilarious. I just got this message sent to me through FaceBook. I bolded my favorite parts.

David sent you a message.

Subject: Don't not reply or add me after you read this

Hi Karyn, I am an 8th grader just sending you a quick e-mail on your book. I'm actually doing a small school project on it. And let me tell you, I'm not much of a reader but this book i could not put down. It was funny. :D I know this is years after the whole debt thing. But I only started reading this a few weeks ago. And I really wanted to see if it was real. So I looked to up on the internet and found it to be true. I'm sorry, but i laughed. I knew it was possible but i didn't actually think the whole, people sending you money, was real.

If I had known before, years ago, though i would be pretty young, I would have given you some money, not that I can relate though. Anyway it's nice to see you have overcome your debt, though it was years ago. (I keep repeating that XD)

So remember NOT to e-mail back because I'm on my dads facebook, and I'm not supposed to be talking to strangers. :D So yeah, just wanted to say hi. (don't not reply)