My New BlackBerry

Ugh. I'm so irritated.

First, I need to say that things like this always happen to me.

Things like this always happen to me.

So, I changed my cell phone service from T-Mobile to AT&T but I kept my phone number. AT&T told me that the number transfer would be complete by November 12th. It's still not complete.

I can make outgoing calls from my new BlackBerry, but all the incoming ones come into my old one. So for the past five days, I've been juggling two BlackBerries—getting calls on one, making calls on the other—and it's kind of irritating.

I finally called AT&T today. When I told them that my number transfer still hadn't gone through, they told me that T-Mobile hadn't yet released the number and that I needed to call them. When I called T-Mobile and told them that, they said they released it long ago.

"But it's not working," I said.

"Well, it should," the operator replied.


After putting me on hold and calling my number, the operator realized I was right. He then got an AT&T operator on the phone who proceeded to tell me there was a glitch in the system that affected my activation.

Now, I realize that there are a lot worse things that could happen to me, but this is just irritating, more so because things like this always happen to me. It's like I've come to expect them. I always have to take an extra step to make sure "automatic" things happen.

So anyway, the phone is now working.