William Ayers on GMA

Did anyone else watch the interview with William Ayers this morning on GMA? I recorded it and I'm just getting around to watching it now. From GMA's website...

Breaking his silence today, Ayers said that the GOP attack was a "dishonest narrative ... to demonize me."

"I don't buy the idea that guilt by association should have any part of our politics," he said.

Ayers scoffed at the Republican effort to make his ties to Obama appear suspicious.

"This idea that we need to know more, like there's some dark, hidden secret, some secret link," Ayers said. "It's a myth thrown up by people who want to exploit the politics of fear."

Anywho, it's a pretty good interview, but I'm slightly bothered by Chris Cuomo as the interviewer.

First, he has the same mannerisms as Matt Lauer, which makes me think he's trying to be like him. I mean, it's like he's doing an impression.

Second, I'm not trying to defend Ayers, but Cuomo consistently asks loaded questions and, at times, is downright rude. It's like he keeps trying to "trick" him into admitting he and Obama were friends.

Here's part of the interview...