OMG, I'm Psychic And Crying

So, last night I watched yesterday's Oprah before going to bed. She was interviewing Jennifer Aniston about the movie Marley & Me. When I woke up this morning, I was near tears because I had the most terrible nightmare last night... I dreamt that Beverly was sick and needed to be put to sleep. She's only six years old now and was the same age in the dream. When I saw my little muffin safely sleeping by my side, I was so relieved. I've hugged and kissed her so many times today, I can't even begin to tell you.

So, now I'm watching today's Oprah and she just told everyone that she just had her Cocker Spaniel Solomon put to sleep.

They showed a little video package of Solomon through the years. It was so heart-breaking, but because of my dream last night, I now think I'm psychic and tuned in to Oprah's mind. I'm going to try and use it to my advantage.