Testing, testing... 1-2-3.

I got a new BlackBerry today and I'm testing it out! I reallllllllly wanted the Bold but couldn't bring myself to pay $300 for it so I got the Curve instead. (Aren't you proud of me?) The only thing I really wanted that my last BlackBerry didn't have is a camera, so as fabulous as the Bold is, I just can't justify it right now. (Btw, Mark got it and said it's amazing.)

Anyway, I went to a website called Letstalk.com and got the Curve for FREE! I'm a new AT&T Wireless customer and they were having a deal. (They might still have it, so check it out!)

Okay, I'm now going to practice posting a picture that I just took. It's an action shot of Elvis trying to get a shoelace that's dangling above his head.

That's all for now! I don't have an excuse now to not catch celebrity sightings! Mark better watch out!

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