Hey All You Lushes

Google Mail has just launched a new feature called "Mail Goggles," a program that hopes to help prevent you from sending those late-night drunk emails that you might regret in the morning.

From Gmail...

Google strives to make the world's information useful. Mail you send late night on the weekends may be useful but you may regret it the next morning. Solve some simple math problems and you're good to go. Otherwise, get a good night's sleep and try again in the morning. After enabling this feature, you can adjust the schedule in the "General" settings page."

So, if you get better at math when you're drunk, then this program probably won't help you. Or, if you're sober and working late one night and just really bad at math, then this program might make sending that important email more difficult and could cause you to lose your job.

Look, I'm just saying you've got some loopholes, here, Google.

You might have more luck flagging and refusing to send messages that contain the phrases "I still love you" and "Why won't you take my phone calls?" At least that would be more effective with regards to me.

I kid, really. But anywho...

In case you're interested in enabling Mail Goggles, it's under the "Lab" tab of your Gmail settings.

Now if only my BlackBerry had a similar thing with regards to text messages...

Via Huffington Post