You Can Vote However You Like

This is so cute. Watch the sixth and seventh graders of Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta sing a song called "You Can Vote However You Like."

Here they are being interviewed on CNN:

The song is really catchy, isn't it?

Via Huffington Post

UPDATE: About Ron Clark Academy...

The Ron Clark Academy is located in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, and accommodates fifth through eighth grade students. The academy was established on June 25, 2007. Classes began for students on September 4, 2007.

The students that attend The Ron Clark Academy come from low-income families. Students must go through an application process in order to be accepted into the school. Only 50 students were accepted out of 350 applications the first school year. Students must be nominated for the school and then must apply.

Each classroom provides students with technology such as notebook computers, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, projectors, and audio video equipment. In addition to the technologically-equipped classrooms, the school provides students with accessible amenities such as a recording studio, a dark room, a two-story vaulted ceiling library, a gymnasium, and a dance studio."

What a great place to donate used laptops, cameras, etc.!