Daily Tweet Roundup

Today I was...

  • enjoying a raspberry latte. A nice change from the usual iced Americano. #
  • watching the debate! #
  • already so proud of Joe Biden and already laughing at Sarah Palin! #
  • wondering if Joe Six-Pack looks like this: tinyurl.com/4ct2ll #
  • listening closely because I pay for my own health insurance. (Or don't, in which case I don't have it.) #
  • thinking it's weird that she's talking to Joe Biden, but not looking at him. #
  • dying that she just said bring Wasilla to Washington. #
  • dying again that she just gave a shoutout. OMG. I'm speechless about that for so many reasons. #
  • bothered by a shadow on the side of Palin's nose - her right, my left. It kind of looks likes she has a nose piercing. #
  • who hoo-ing for Biden! The last two comments made me love you. #
  • switching to CNN because I love their coverage the best! (And Anderson Cooper.) #
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