A Lion And A Lamb

My mom is coming into town Wednesday for Halloween. She, my sister and I were going to make Nora's Halloween costume for the big Halloween walk downtown (Jack has his), but my sister got the dates of it wrong (she thought it was this-coming Saturday but it was this past Saturday), so I came in Wednesday to make it.

Nora wanted to be a lamb. By Saturday, I finished everything but the hat. Here it is:

Happy Halloween!

Since the above picture was taken, I attached the hat to her collar and made it a hoodie. I also made her some different pants. (Her butt was hanging out of the pair above.) I'm not thrilled with Jack's costume (no matching pants?), so I'm going to work on that today. They have three more Halloween parties to go to, so there's plenty of time to perfect it.

I'll post details on how I made the costume later, but didn't it turn out cute?