Nora's Halloween Costume

I'm making Nora's Halloween sheep costume right now. OMG, omg, omg, omg... IT'S SO CUTE!

My sister and I bought fuzzy cream fabric from the fabric store instead of using fiberfill or cotton balls, and I decided to wing it instead of using a pattern. If I may say so myself, I have a knack for sewing. I just took some of Nora's clothes and laid them out on the backside of the fabric. I then either traced the item (if I wanted it to fit her the same way) or drew outside the shape a little (if I wanted to make the piece bigger.) I then gave myself an inch for the seam, cut the fabric, sewed it together, tried it on Nora and fixed any issues after.

We are taking a lot of pictures, I'll post some as soon as I upload them.