According to the New York Times, Latin is making a comeback. This makes me happy because, since the day Nora was born, I've been pushing for her to take Latin. Not now, of course (she's only three), but when she's in high school.

You see, I don't have kids and I may never have kids, so I like to get involved in Nora and Jack's lives. Thankfully, my sister and her husband don't mind.

Since Nora was just a wee little thing, my brother-in-law and I have been arguing about what foreign language she will take in high school. (Heaven forbid we let her decide.) He thinks she should take Chinese or Japanese or something like that, but I think she should take Latin because so many words in our language are derived from Latin words. Latin will enrich her vocabulary and practically guarantee that she'll ace her SATs and get into a good college.

So anyway, I'm happy Latin is on the rise.