Court Show Pilot

My friend Mark is producing a pilot for a new court show and he's looking for cases.

If you or someone you know is involved in a dispute with someone and would like it resolved on a court show, please call Mike at (323) 762-7725.

A few things...

  • This pilot will not air on television.
  • It will be taped in Los Angeles. You can live anywhere in the US to call; the company will fly you there. (So, FREE TRIP!)
  • You don't have to have already filed a small claims case. So, if you're just really mad at someone because they owe you money for something, then call!
  • The court show pays the judgment. So, if that person that you're mad at doesn't have any money and you take them to a regular small claims court and win, it doesn't mean they will pay you. But if you take them on this court show and win, the show will pay you, so you will definitely see your money.
  • You will receive an an appearance fee. (I don't know how much; he won't tell me.)