Daily Tweet Roundup

Today I was...

  • following backtobarnwell on Twitter. #
  • bothered because someone in Starbucks smells like hair coloring--ammonia--and it's bugging me big time. #
  • hungry. #
  • wanting warm cookies. #
  • going to ring my neighbors to see if they want cookies, too. #
  • eating cookies, watching the debate! #
  • really nervous. #
  • I'm not going to run for president simply because I don't think I could handle the debate. That's the only reason. #
  • I do not like the smug look on John McCain's face every time Obama talks. #
  • omg, my cable is going out. digitizing, freezing. this sucks. #
  • i just missed the best part. #
  • I think McCain is the type of guy who believes in conspiracy theories. #
  • You tell him, Obama! #
  • The fact that McCain won't let this go, makes him seem crazy. #
  • I like what he just said about education... the credit for public service. Nice. #
  • Excellent, closing, Obama! I love that man. I am so excited! I'm going to take a picture of my polling place tomorrow so I can show you all. #
  • going to bed. G'nite, peeps. #
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