Bev's Birthday Treat

Just like last year, Beverly got to go to Monster Mutt today to pick out a special treat for her birthday. Monster Mutt is a great doggie daycare place in Cobble Hill and they have a great selection of doggie treats and toys in the front.

Bev was greeted by Monster Mutt's owner, Hannah, who gave her some nummy treats and a special present for her big day:


Bev's birthday present from Hannah

She then picked out her own birthday treats—a really big bully stick (a 12-incher)...


...and a fun toy.

The squirrel tail

The toy reminds her of the squirrel who keeps hanging out on the fire escape, and the bully stick reminds her of Chumley—Oops! I mean, the bully stick reminds her of her birthday last year because she picked out the same treat then, too. (It's the non-smelly kind.)

When we got home, I laid Bev's presents out on the couch for her, but it took a while for her to gather up the energy to jump up there because her morning walk was exhausting.


When she finally managed to do so, she carefully inspected everything and then decided to tackle the bully stick first.

Now we're talking

It was a little big...

Trying to work the stick

But she eventually got the hang of it.

Mmmm... a bully stick

After a while, she had to take a breather.


When she went back to eating her treat, look who showed up:

Look who's back

He heard there was a party...


And that's the end of Bev's birthday treat coverage!

She's napping now... her belly's full of bully sticks.