Graphic Novels

I went to the big chain bookstore in my neighborhood last weekend (Dear BookCourt, I didn't buy anything) and I was amazed to see how big the section was for graphic novels. I was even more amazed to see that it was filled with people—mostly teens—checking out the goods.

I'm telling you this because I just read about Jonathan Ames' new graphic novel, The Alcoholic, in today's NY Times.

Btw, Jonathan Ames lives in my neighborhood and I ate lunch next to him once in a cafe. (But I didn't say anything; I'm a chicken.)

Anywho, can you see yourself reading a graphic novel as an adult? Is this something I should be thinking about?

Hmmm... maybe something called "The Adventures of Elvis the Bush Cat and his little sister Bev."

Or, perhaps this is the perfect venue for "The Adventures of Picky and Choosy, My Unborn Children."