Mad At Mark

I'm angry with Mark.

You see, he needed to hire an assistant for a special three-week project he's working on and he asked me if I wanted to come to LA and do it and I, of course, said yes because how fun would that be?

We had a whole plan. I was going to dress up like Joan Holloway from Mad Men...

...and he was going to sexually harass me. Then we'd smoke and drink in the office and just have a gay ole time.

I was also going to answer the phone ala Jeff Lewis and say, "It's a good day at Mark's office, this is Karyn Von Bosnak, how can I help you?"

I was going to help him put together binders for these special projects and I'd like it because it's kind of like scrap-booking.

And I was going to help him arrange things on his bulletin board and I'd also like it because it's kind of like hanging pictures.

So anywho, I told him that I wanted to do it, then I went to the zoo, and by the time I came home, he hired someone else. This was Saturday.