Gorgeous Day

Okay so it's 65 degrees outside today, which is amazing, even if it is a little weird for um... January. Still, just because the crazy weather is most likely another sign our planet is warming at a ridiculously fast pace doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy it.

It smells like spring outside, like dew on fresh-cut grass. In a weird way, the smell reminds me of high school. Actually, grade school, too. Why is that, I wonder. Maybe because I went to school in the suburbs and was surrounded by greens, and maybe because I'm still at my sister's house in Connecticut, once again surrounded by greens.* Whatever the reason, the smell makes me happy, makes me feel like I have the world at my fingertips. Which I probably do... as do you.

Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy. We're the ones who put limitations on what we can and cannot do. We talk ourselves out of taking chances, psych ourselves out of succeeding at the things we do attempt. No one person holds us back more than ourselves... controlling our minds, our obsessive thoughts, our negative thinking is the key to success.

With that, the world is filled with possibilities—you are filled with possibilities. Make it happen... whatever your "it" may be.

*Re: Connecticut... I've been here for two weeks, went home only to get my cat. I need to go back to my apartment—my life—but I keep putting it off. I started working again, though, so that's good!