Highlights Update

I'm back everyone! Sorry for the delay in updating, but here's what happened. I went back to the salon to have the Lisa/Gina redo my highlights for the third time today, and while I was sitting in the chair, I started to feel really sick. I woke up this morning feeling like I was getting a cold, and I don't know happened... it suddenly hit me around 3pm. I ended up going to CVS on my way home, loaded up on medicine, and passed out on the couch until now. I leave for the Bahamas Friday morning, so I'm hoping it'll go away quickly.

Oh, and in case you're wondering I'm still in Connecticut. My mother is in town because my sister is coming with me to the Bahamas, so she's going to take care of Nora and Jack while we're away.

Okay, now back to the highlights. They are lighter, yes, but still a little electric yellow looking. I still think the foils should've stayed on my hair longer than they did, but whatev... they didn't and the results are nothing a little toner can't fix. I should've had her tone it, but I just wanted to go home. Besides, I have Clairol professional toner at home, so I'm going to put it on Thursday night before I leave Friday morning.

Someone asked where I get my hair done. Since I mentioned the toner above, I'll tell you that I usually do it myself. I buy the professional products at Ricky's and give myself highlights all the time. I only get it done professionally about once a year. I don't know exactly why, but I never fell back into the habit of getting my hair done after the whole Save Karyn thing. I always feel guilty because it costs so much money, so I figured out how to do it myself and have ever since. People always tell me I do a nice job, so all's good. It just takes so damn long... I'll go into all this another time if you really want to know how I do it, but I need to go to bed now. Oh, and tomorrow I'll post an updated pic. My hair's all over the place right now because of my nap.