Okay, I'm back. My highlights weren't light enough so I asked the lady to redo them. Her name is Lisa, but everyone at the salon kept calling her Gina, so I don't know...

Okay, my hair... it's naturally brown. For some reason, certain colorists seem to think they can't get it really blonde, but it can be done and has been done on several occasions. Example 1:

Naomi's wedding
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Example 2:

Pretty Highlights
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I have a million more pictures like the above to, but you get the point—my hair can get pretty blond.

I was very clear when I went into the salon this morning. I said, "I want bold bright blond highlights. I do not want them to be gold or yellow—I want them to be white." Lisa/Gina smiled and said okay, and then proceeded to give me highlights that not only weren't white, but they weren't yellow either—hey were orange.

Before I continue, here's a quick lesson on the stages of hair lightening. (No, I'm not a professional, I've just done a bit of research.) When hair is lightened, it goes from black to brown to red to orange to yellow to white. So, when a colorist gives me orange or yellow hair, it's either because they didn't leave the bleach on my hair long enough or they didn't use a high enough volume developer.

With regards to Lisa/Gina, she colored my roots before giving me highlights, and I think she pulled some of that color through to the ends of my hair. This ended up darkening some of the highlights I already had, and then on top of that she didn't make the new highlights bright enough... so my hair actually looked darker when she was finished than before she began.

Ugh. That was a lot to type on a BlackBerry.

I'm home now, so I'm switching to my computer. BRB.

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Okay, I'm back. Many a times I've walked out of a salon with color I didn't ask for and didn't like, simply because I was too nervous to ask them to redo it... BUT NO MORE! I explained to Lisa/Gina that it wasn't blond enough and asked her to redo it. At first she tried to convince me that it was blond enough, but after a while I could tell even she didn't believe herself, so she did it again. She mixed up some bleach, added more foils, let me sit there, and when she washed it out... the highlights were brighter, but yellow. Here I am:

It looks more yellow in real life, I promise.

Anyway, a lot of colorists seem to get really irritated when non-professionals like myself tell them what to do, but I've been getting my hair highlighted for about twenty years, so I know what works and what doesn't work on me. Plain and simple, Lisa/Gina didn't leave the bleach on my hair long enough. She only let the highlights process for, like, 15 minutes when every other good colorist let's it process for 45.

So, the plan is this: I'm going back to the salon at 3pm so she can do it again. I didn't pay for it yet because it's not what I asked for. I was polite, though. I said, "I don 't want to be rude, but I'm not going to tell you I like something if I I don't like it." She understood.

So anyway, check back later for an update!