Cell Phone Ramblings

I'm getting my hair done right now (highlights—I haven't had them in ages) and the magazine selection here isn't great, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to vent about my cell phone.

First, I use T-Mobile as my service provider, and they're terrible. I constantly find myself stuck somewhere without a signal and it's the most irritating thing ever. I'm trying to hold out until my contract expires in August, but I'm not sure I'll be able. The thing is, my BlackBerry has been acting up lately and I'm worried it's going to die on me. A few months ago it took a pretty serious tumble (while in the hands of my darling niece, Nora) and I've been getting error messages ever since. The messages cause the whole thing to freeze up, sometimes for hours at a time, and it bugs me, big time. My fear is that one day soon I'm going to breakdown and buy a new one before my contract ends, which would mean I'd be stuck with T-mobile for another year and that wouldn't be good.

Now on to my next problem... When I do finally defect from T-Mobile, I'm not sure which wireless carrier to go with. I was planning on going with Verizon (as opposed to AT&T) because they have better service on the east coast, but they don't have the phone I want. I want the BlackBerry Curve because it has a camera on it (and I'd love to take a picture of my hair right now and post it, but I can't), but Verizon doesn't carry the Curve. They carry the BlackBerry Pearl, but that one doesn't have a full keyboard and I like a full keyboard. AT&T carries the Curve, but they also carry the iPhone which, even though I've made fun of it in the past, I have to admit is kind of cool.

Okay, gotta go get my hair washed.

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