Dayna Devon Has Good Taste

Dayna Devon from Extra is wearing the dress I bought and then returned last month on the show today.

Here's Dayna...

And here's me...

Yes, I ended up not wearing and returning the dress, but it was still cute.

PS: Sorry for the grainy/blurry photos. I took both with my computer.

PPS: Yes, that's my new TV! It's a 32" Sony Bravia and I like it very much.

PPPS: Sitting next to the TV is a cute little ceramic canister-thingy that says "dolls" on it. (As in Valley of the Dolls, i.e., pills.) I got it at the Jonathan Adler store in SoHo. He makes a whole series of them... Quaaludes, downers, uppers, Prozac, and dolls.

Aren't they cute? You can put candy in them or whatever. (Mine is currently empty, but sometimes I fill it with covered espresso beans.)