Smokey Subway Station

So I'm waiting for the F train right now at the Broadway/Lafayette stop in SoHo and, for some reason, the station is filled with smoke.

But here's how dumb I am. I saw that it was filled with smoke before I entered, but I still swiped my MTA card and went inside anyway.

I guess I thought that if something was really the matter, someone would've closed the entrance. Also, other people were going in, so I thought I might as well go in, too.

Okay, the train came and I'm on it right now, so if you are reading this it means I'm alive, as it will send when I arrive at my stop and walk back upstairs to street-level.

To those of you who worried about be between paragraphs three and four, thank you. To those of you who didn't, you might wanna take a long, hard look at yourself tonight and try to figure out at what point it was that your heart turned to stone.

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