At The Apple Store In Soho...

Getting the battery replaced in my computer and realizing I need highlights and a tan.

(And a smaller forehead.)

UPDATE: What is this about a new ultra-slim Mac? No, I didn't see it, but I didn't really look for it either. I went to the Genius Bar, played with an iPhone, took the picture above and posted it, and then fell prey to the Leopard marketing and blew $100 on it.

Re: the iPhone, I asked a guy there if they were ever gonna make one with buttons because I like the buttons on my BlackBerry.

After laughing at me he said, "You only like buttons because you've never known anything not to have them."

I was like, "No, I like buttons because they're more accurate when I type."

"The iPhone is accurate," he replied, getting all defensive.

I was like, "Really? Because I just tried to type the word 'hello' and it came out as 'hrlio.'"