My Bathroom

I have to go to the bathroom right now and this is what my bathroom looks like:

A worker was here earlier patching up a hole in the ceiling and he left it like this while waiting for the Spackle to dry. Should I remove the plastic from the toilet or find someplace else to go? It looks like he's got it tied around there really nicely.

Oh, and in case you're wondering... yes, my bathroom really is that small. It measures two feet by five feet. The shower/tub is on the other side of the apartment, behind a half-wall that separates it from the kitchen. Strange, isn't it?

I've been in some old East Village apartments where the tub is in the kitchen and the toilet is in a "toilet closet" of sorts, similar to mine, and I think this is how my apartment used to be set up (or, still is, for that matter) because I can tell the wall hasn't always been there. (That was a long sentence.) I'll take pictures of it later for you, once I figure out what to do.

UPDATE: I removed the plastic and went, but I didn't realize he painted so I got paint all over myself in the process.

(Why did I post this? Did you really need to know this? I ask myself this question a lot.)