The Trouble With Trouble

It seems that no one wants poor little Trouble. (Apparently, she's a biter.)

Since I have a weakness for unwanted animals,* I'd like to volunteer to take Trouble (and the $12 million that comes along with her.)

*The story of Eva the Yorkie in 20 Times a Lady is the true story of how I got Beverly. She was on sale at a pet store because she was "older" than all the other pups there. (Yes, I bought a dog at a pet store, I know it's wrong, save your hate mail.) She wasn't even on display with the other dogs, but was kept downstairs all alone, by herself. The only reason I even knew she was there was because I asked if they had any girl Yorkies and a worker there was like, "Yeah... but she's downstairs. No one wants to buy her because she's older. Do you want to see her?" I was like, "Um... yeah." For the record, she was 4 months old. Here she is on her first day home:

First Day Home 6.jpgFirst Day Home 5.jpgFirst Day Home 1.jpg

How could no one want that?