Going To LA

A few things before I leave for LA...

  1. Elvis' cat sitter came over last night. It's Chris the songwriter.
  2. I just took out my own stitches. My braveness knows no boundaries.
  3. I woke up with a slight head/chest cold this morning. I'm hoping the California sun will clear it up.
  4. Beverly smells and needs a bath.
  5. I'm flying Jet Blue for the second time. If they seat me next to a 400-pound woman again, I'm going to cough on them.
  6. I got these pictures of my niece and nephew on my birthday and they were the best gift ever. (Nora was misbehaving. Can you tell?)

(↑ Nora puts her finger in her nose because she knows it makes my sister angry. Even when she's not planning on picking it, she just puts her finger up there, looks at my sister, and waits for her to react.)

I'll talk to you from LA!