Angie's Magic Number Is 4

Saint Angie just told Cosmo that her magic number is 4. I wouldn't really care about this except for the fact that I wrote a book about numbers.

I love it when sexpot celebrities share their numbers with the press. (Another example, Paris Hilton.) I mean, are reporters asking about this? I can't imagine anyone saying, "So tell me... how many men have you slept with?" Why are these ladies volunteering the information?

What I'd really kill for is for someone to come out and say they've slept with like thirty dudes. That'd be fabulous.

Anyway, back to Angie... Rather than quoting the original story source here, I'm going to quote Michael K. from Dlisted because he's so. damn. funny.

Angelina Jolie told Cosmopolitan that she's only fucked 4 dudes in her entire life and married two of them. The 4 dudes are Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton, Johnny Lee Miller and some other dude. I'm guessing her brother.

It's okay to stretch the truth a little, but 4?!!!! We all know that vagina has been around.

PS - I have a love/hate relationship with most gossip websites, but Dlisted is hilarious and Michael K. posts more than just gossip so I don't feel so guilty reading it. If you don't read Dlisted, check it out!