Some Things Aren't Meant To Be Shared

This morning my friend Lucy at Starbucks asked how I was doing, so I told her that I had a horrible sinus/allergy headache. (It's a gorgeous day today in NYC—GORGEOUS—and sometimes gorgeous days make me sneezy.) Upon hearing about this, another guy who works there (with whom I'm also friendly) goes, "Hey, I have a really great nasal spray if you wanna borrow it."

Okay, um... I'm pretty sure nasal spray isn't something you share with people. I mean, it goes into an orifice of your body. A wet one.

As soon as the guy offered it to me I think he realized how strange it was (either that or else he noticed the horrified look on my face) because he then gave me a funny look and was like, "It's kinda gross that I just offered that to you, isn't it?" I was like, "Um, yeah... just a little bit."

Some things just aren't meant to be shared.