Cause of the Brooklyn Tornado, Revealed

For those of you who might not have heard, a tornado touched down in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn yesterday morning. I received a few emails from people asking if I'm okay, and I just want to let everyone know that I'm fine, thank you for asking. The tornado was about four miles away from me.

While residents of Bay Ridge appear to be shaken up by the twister, word on the street is that they're smiling on the inside, as this is the most excitement their neighborhood has seen since the 70s, when "Saturday Night Fever" was set there.

While no one knows the cause of the tornado, I have a theory, which can best be explained by the following picture:

Tony Manero is pissed.

To John Travolta...

Tony didn't say anything when you jazzercised your way through "Perfect"...

...or embarrassed yourself in "Look Who's Talking" One AND Too.

He bit his tongue when you dressed up as a monkey in "Battlefield Earth"...

...and as a pig in "Wild Hogs." (Wait, what?)

But your most recent stunt has caused him to put his foot down. Enough is enough.

This. Just. Isn't. Acceptable.

While Tony didn't want to resort to literally stirring sh*t up in Bay Ridge, he felt he had no choice. He will not stand by and watch you tarnish his cool image over and over again. Stop now, please. Save Brooklyn.

UPDATE: This post was linked to on Gothamist. Thanks!