Sauvignon Blanc

I was just reading an article about sauvignon blanc wine (it's one my my faves, especially in summer), and at the end of it the person who wrote it recommended a few good bottles. Among them was a Sancerre, which is a wine that I LOVE and frequently order when I'm out. I knew the name "Sancerre" referred to the region it's from in the Loire Valley in France, but I didn't know it was made from sauvignon blanc grapes. But now I do (and so do you), so onto my point.

I know this is incredibly juvenile, but I wanted to share with you the name of the Sancerre they recommended because it made me giggle. So now, without further ado, I present to you...

Yes, "La Poussie." Hee hee hee.

Praise for La Poussie...
"La Poussie tastes so delicious!"

Bartenders and waiters everywhere recommend it...
"I think you'll really enjoy La Poussie. It's very flavorful."

Wine enthusiasts can't get over the aromatic notes...
"La Poussie has such an intense aroma!"

I could go on and on with this.

UPDATE: I was just reading up on it some more and found a review by a guy who described it as having "notes of kumquats." Seriously.

Even better than that, I found one by another guy who said it's "refreshing, restrained, fine-boned, [and] pretty. Not a bit of cream, despite what WineSpec has to say."

UPDATE 2: I can't stop reading about La Poussie.

This review of the 2004 Rose (which is actually a pinot noir) talked about its salmon color and intense aroma of wood.