How Up Are You On Current Events?

I've never really been a big reader of Wired magazine (even though I think I was in it once), but I somehow ended up with a free subscription to it so I've been reading it lately. This past month I ran across an interesting article that said even though we have more news resources at our fingertips than ever before, Americans know less about current events today than we did in 1989. Interesting, isn't it?

So, test yourself...

Who is the vice president?

Who is the governor of your state?

Who is the president of Russia?

Does the US have a trade deficit or a surplus?

Do you know which party controls the House of Representatives?

Is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a liberal, moderate, or conservative?

Who is the Speaker of the House?

Who is the Secretary of Defense?

So, how'd you do? I was able answer everything correctly except for the trade deficit thing. I mean, I got it right, but only because I took a wild guess. I don't mean to sound like a moron, but I don't exactly know what it is. I mean, was this something I learned about in school? Because if so, I don't remember. Am I alone here?