Cute Baby T-Shirt

I recently had to buy a baby gift for someone so I went to the website of a store I love called Showroom 64. Showroom 64 is actually a British store, but they have a store in the West Village and I've had a link to it under the "Puppies & Babies" heading (to the left, at the bottom) forever.

Anyway, I found a cute onesie there and was going to buy it, but then I did a search and found it half price at a place called Renegade Babe ($15 as opposed to $30) so I ended up buying it there. Sorry, Showroom 64, but fifteen dollars is fifteen dollars! Here's the shirt:

It says, "For those about to nap, we salute you" on the front, and "Babies rock!" on the back. Isn't it cute?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you in case you're looking for a cute baby gift!