World Series of Pop Culture - Win $2,500

My friend James over at the World Series of Pop Culture informed me that, starting tonight, you can win $2,500 by playing a new game on called "Trivia Dome."

The game will take place live on the website immediately following the World Series of Pop Culture @ 10pm EST and 10pm PST on the following nights:

This week: Monday July 9th, Tuesday July 10th, Wednesday, July 11th, 2007, and Thursday July 12th.

Next week: Monday July 16th, Tuesday July 17th, Wednesday July 18th, and Thursday July 19th.

Yes, there will be eight chances to win $2,500, and, on the final night of the show, one chance to win $10,000. Click here for the rules and to learn how to play. Once you do that...

Quick! What does Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) tell William (Patrick Fugit) her real name is in the movie "Almost Famous"?

(This was not on the show, I made it up myself, and it's a damn good question.)

Answer in the Comments section.