Celebrity Sighting: Michelle Williams

I forgot to tell you... this past weekend I saw the lovely Michelle Williams walking through the neighborhood with little Matilda. She and Heath Ledger live two blocks away from me.

My thoughts on this sighting are this:

1) Matilda is cute and looks just like Heath Ledger.
2) Michelle Williams has some good blonde going on.

So good in fact that, next time I see her, I'm going to ask who her colorist is. (And you know she'll give me a look that says, "Listen, I know that you know that I'm Michelle Williams, and I'm sure you're just asking me this to get all chummy-chummy with me..." And then I'll have to give her a look that says, "No, honestly, Michelle, I really just like your color, that's all..." Which is true. I mean, I wouldn't mind being invited over for a barbecue or two—they have a big ole house—but if it doesn't happen, I'll live.)