Birthday Girl

My niece Nora turned two this past weekend. To celebrate, we had a family party on Sunday (I was feeling better and NOT contagious!) and then went to the park.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!

Here's the best video ever of Nora singing to her brother/my nephew, Jack. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE LAST TEN SECONDS. Something really remarkable happens.

"Jack Made Mess!" from Karyn Bosnak and Vimeo.

And here's another, in case you just can't get enough, like me.

Nora Singing from Karyn Bosnak and Vimeo.

In case you're wondering what she's singing, the first song is the "Sunny Day!" song from Sesame Street, and the second is a song that Andrea Bocelli sings with Elmo, a take-off on "Time to Say Goodbye" called "Time to Say Goodnight."