Emmy Nominations

So the Emmy nominations were announced and I was a little upset that Rober Iler who played AJ on The Sopranos didn't get one for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.

Personally, I think he deserved one more than Michael Imperioli, but whatev.

Another guy who deserved to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy is Justin Kirk who plays Andy Botwin on Weeds.

I mean, how do you NOT nominate someone who delivered the one of the BEST monologues on TV all season:

Masturbation Etiquette

I love him and think he steals almost every scene he's in.

Moving on, I think it's a crying shame that Michael C. Hall (formerly of Six Feet Under) wasn't nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for his role on Dexter.

Great show, amazing actor, huge oversight.