R.I.P. Gracie Winfrey 2005-2007

I have to admit, I watch Oprah every day. In fact, my old boyfriend used to make fun of me for it, saying, "That's very middle-aged housewife of you." But whatever, she's Oprah. I don't need to defend myself.

Anyway, because I'm such a fan, I know all about her dogs and was especially saddened to hear that one of them—Gracie—died recently. If you watch the show, you might remember Gracie as the white golden retriever that Oprah almost didn't get because she had an underbite. From her website:

We almost passed this cutie pie over, but she grabbed a hold of my heart and wouldn't let go," Oprah says. "I don't like eliminating her just because she has a little underbite. What is that, discrimination? The underbite is cute!"
Oprah's struggles with training these three new dogs was highlighted in a recent episode called Loving Our Dogs. Click the link to read about it, look at pictures and watch video. Then, once you're really attached...

Read Oprah's editor's letter about Gracie's death in this month's O magazine. It's so sad. If you have a pet of any kind, you'll probably cry, so grab a tissue.

Gracie Winfrey 2005-2007